Areas of law

As a law and notary’s office with a broad area of expertise, we can offer our clients legal advice in all life’s situations, both at the national and international level. We represent our clients in negotiations and disputes before the courts and authorities as well as before private institutions. We maintain connections with partner firms abroad and international law firm networks (DIRO).

Below is an overview of the areas of law we handle.

Labour law

We advise both employers and employees in issues relating to labour law and represent them in proceedings. We also cover aspects that interface with other areas of law (mostly social insurance law aspects).

Matrimonial and inheritance law

From the inheritance law standpoint, there are countless options for arranging one's estate. Our notaries, who set great store on providing you with comprehensive advice, are the primary individuals available to help you in this regard. In addition to preparing documents such as marriage and inheritance contracts or wills, we also represent and advise you in inheritance law disputes.

Family law

We support you in all family law matters. These include in particular separations and divorces. As a result of the societal changes in family living arrangements and the introduction of new legal elements (such as, e.g., the child care subsidy), these matters have become more complex in recent years. We are happy to support you with advice and assistance.

Company law (as well as foundations and associations)

In the area of company law, we handle the formation and transformation of companies, changes in capital structure, articles of association and partnership agreements, and the creation of foundations and associations. We also advise you on all further legal issues relating to such topics as HR management, liability and tax law.

Liability law

We are happy to assist you in enforcing your claims against insurance companies and individuals with liability. Following accidents, our clients are particularly glad for our expertise and tenacity.

Commercial and business law

We provide you with comprehensive advice in national and international commercial and business law, specifically in Swiss international sales and transport law, as well as in other matters, including cross-border commercial and business law issues.

Real estate and construction law

Developing or purchasing real estate is complex. A range of legal issues may arise both before and during projects. We are happy to assist you in this regard and help customers and contractors to enforce their respective rights.

Tenancy law

We are pleased to advise you in matters relating to tenancy law and to help you, for example, in drawing up lease agreements. We also represent clients before the rental arbitration board and in court.

Private and social insurance law

In the area of private and social insurance law, we advise insured persons following accidents and in the case of illness and disability. We also provide advice and support on issues concerning unemployment, supplementary benefits and other insurance law aspects.

Debt collection and bankruptcy law as well as enforcement law

In Switzerland, anyone can initiate debt collection proceedings against anyone. In this context, one is frequently faced with unjustified claims, which must be defended. However, we are also happy to assist you in enforcing your claims – including abroad – if a debtor refuses to pay. We can also advise you on the enforcement of Swiss and international court decisions and rulings.

Tax law

With regard to tax law, we are happy to help you review decisions and assessments issued by the authorities. As required, we are at your disposal with our expertise and can represent you in appeal or complaint proceedings.

Criminal law

We handle legal cases in the area of criminal defence as well as victim representation. We are also available to our clients as appointed official defence counsel.

Road traffic law

In road traffic, a violation of the traffic rules can occur at any time, which may result, on the one hand, in criminal prosecution by the authorities and, on the other hand, in withdrawal of the driver's licence. We will support you both in the criminal and in the separate measures proceeding.

Contract law

The entire range of contracts also forms part of our area of services. We draft and assess contracts and represent our clients in contract negotiations. We do this both at the national and international level and also with respect to all further legal issues, such as general liability questions, GTCs (general terms and conditions), etc.